Tribal Workforce Development Program Information

The intent of the Puyallup Tribe of Indians’ Tribal Workforce Development Program (TWFD) is to provide our membership an avenue to pursue opportunities of securing meaningful employment. Our staff will strive to seek employment for our members both outside and within the various Puyallup Tribal programs and departments. Tribal Workforce Development staff will coordinate with Tribal Members in identifying potential employers and assist Tribal Members in all aspects of meeting qualifications for any future employment.

With employment becoming more difficult to obtain and the requirements for entry level jobs seemingly out of reach due to past felonies/incarcerations, lack of job skills/education, or you simply had an event in your life that prevented you from working, Tribal Workforce Development’s programs are readily available to Puyallup Tribal Members who wish to improve their quality of life through hard work and a dedication to self-improvement.

240 Hour Program:
This program provides 240 hours of full-time/part-time employment to Puyallup Tribal Members, paid at the recognized minimum wage. During this time, members will be developing job skills and employment history to help improve their eligibility for permanent full-time jobs within the Tribe or other Tribal entities. Once the program hours have been exhausted you are eligible to re-apply for further job placement after our October 1st fiscal year.

Clean Our Rez Program:
Clean Our Rez (COR) is a 240 hour program that offers the possibility of a one year employment admission that provides full-time employment to Tribal Members who are willing to work outdoors cleaning up the Puyallup Tribe’s reservation. This job is vitally important to keeping the appearance of our reservation beautiful, safe of any potentially dangerous or hazardous litter, and offers 240 hours to one year of developing outdoor maintenance skills, applicable to a wide variety of permanent full-time jobs offered at the Tribe or other Tribal entities.

Eligibility Criteria:
In order for any person to participate in the Tribal Workforce Development programs you must be a Puyallup Tribal Member 18+ years of age. Upon deciding to participate in the program(s) please come prepared with your Puyallup Tribal I. D., as this is required to complete the application process. It will be mandatory for you to fill out our department application along with one for Human Resources if a current one is not on file in order to partake in the available programs. A standard Human Resources background check is required prior to placement.

Want more information about this program?
Please call, email, or swing by TWFD and we will answer any further questions!

Gina LaPointe, Director
Office: 253.573.7857
Room 120

Heidi Bostrom, Case Manager
Office: 253.382.6033
Room 119