Language Program – syayusadiʔ ʔə txʷəlšucid

Mission and Goals

The mission of the Puyallup Tribal Language Program is to revitalize the Twulshootseed language in the Puyallup Tribal community through our Twulshootseed virtues: ƛ’ububƛ’ub, kʷaxʷalikʷ, ʔabalikʷ – be kind, be helpful, be sharing. Our goal is to produce Lushootseed speakers who use the language everyday in these areas: conversational speech, language use in the home, language transmission to children and public speaking. The language begins to come alive as we change out English for Twulshootseed in day to day speech.

Contact Info

Main Number: (253) 680-5768
Alternate Number: (253) 680-5763

Puyallup Tribe Heritage Request Form

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