Per Capita and Representative Payee

Contact Info

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday
8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Physical Address:
3009 E Portland Ave
Tacoma, WA 98404

Phone: (253) 573-7847

Purpose and Intent

The General Welfare Program (GWP) is intended to promote the general welfare of the Tribe by helping to ensure that Members are able to meet minimum household needs that the Tribe has determined to be necessary or appropriate in achieving the Tribe’s goals of long term self- determination and the preservation of culture and tradition, based on specific findings of the Tribal Council after considering the unique facts, needs and circumstances of the Tribe and its Members, as well as the means, mechanisms and alternatives available to address those needs.

This program is designed to assist Households with Minor Tribal Member, with financial obligations such as: housing, utilities, food, clothing, education, transportation, and cultural expenses.

Note: Adults receiving assistance on behalf of Minor Tribal Members who are represented by a Representative Payee under the Tribe’s Representative Payment Program will need to comply with spending guidelines and receipt requirements under PTC 1.12 Representative Payment Program Ordinance.

Submission Process

All original forms must be returned inside the enclosed return envelope, online, or in person to the Tribal Per Capita Department. Upon receipt of a properly completed application, we anticipate that it will take ten (10) business days to process and begin mailing out checks on a monthly basis. Fill this application out and submit required documentation as soon as possible in order to ensure that you receive payments. No check or payment will be released until this application is completed, supporting documents are submitted and your application is verified for meeting the program requirements.

Each applicant with a Minor Tribal Member residing in their care will need to complete this application, indicate what their legal status is to the minor in their care, and provide supporting documentation. This supporting documentation is required and will include one or more of the following: Minor Tribal Member’s birth certificate, custody paperwork, court orders authorizing placement, legal guardian, or any other care arrangement that is different from being a biological parent named on the birth certificate. You could experience a delay in payment if your application does not contain valid or sufficient supporting documentation. While filling out the Minor Identification parts below be sure to indicate what your legal status to the Minor is. Try to use the words that are contained in your supporting documentation.

Sign-up for the Children’s General Welfare Program