Human Resources

Mission Statement

The HR Department exists to meet the needs of the Tribal Council, Tribal Administration and their employees and to prepare for the future by developing human capital today.

We will accomplish this mission by adhering to the following Guiding Principles:

Our Guiding Principles

  1. Help Tribal Members Qualify For and Obtain Employment
  2. Support Tribal Culture
  3. Lead by Example
  4. An Unwavering Commitment to Integrity
  5. Unbiased Customer Service
  6. Mentor Unselfishly
  7. Provide Solutions and Answers
  8. Facilitate Effective Communication Throughout the Organization
  9. Provide Employees with Tools for Success
  10. Look to the “7th Generation”

Contact Info

Main Contact Number:
(253) 573-7863

Staff/Contact Info


Stacie Flores, Executive Director of HR
Desk: 253-573-7958
Cell: 253-344-3116

Shelby Pavel, SR. HR Generalist
Desk: 253-573-7993
Cell: 253-778-3834

Huda Swelam, SR. HR Generalist
Desk: 253-573-7925

Jennifer Eveskcige, HR Generalist
Desk: 253-382-6089
Cell: 253-337-4187

Alex Sheldon-Doucet, HR Specialist
Desk: 253-680-5707
Cell: 253-312-4498

Declan Spencer, HR Specialist
Desk: 253-382-6366
Cell: 253-325-0277

Mary LongKnife, HR Specialist
Desk: 253-382-6367
Cell: 253-753-8471
Personal: (253)-797-5881

Shelby Cross-Faded, HR Specialist
Desk: 253-573-7866
Cell: N/A
Personal: (253)-202-8583

Tracie Wrolson, HR Specialist
Desk: 253-382-6364

Angelina Dillon, HR Assistant
Desk: 253-382-6365
Cell: 253-778-9936
Personal: 253-719-2797