Statement from Puyallup Tribal Council on Maui Wildfires

Council Statement Graphic

Originally published: 09/01/2023

The Puyallup Tribal Council stands united in expressing our deepest concern for the devastating impact of the recent wildfires that have swept through Maui. Our hearts are with the individuals, families and communities affected by this tragedy.

Our Tribe values the importance of community and unity, and we believe that it is our responsibility to offer support during times of crisis. With this in mind, we have donated $30,000 to Maui United Way for wildfire relief efforts. When disasters strike, we encourage anyone who is able to support charities that will help those in need. You can do that at You can also visit Maui Nui Strong,which the County of Maui directs people to as a centralized hub for donations.

The devastation caused by the wildfires is a reminder of the vulnerability of communities to natural disasters. We’d also like our Tribal Community to know that the Puyallup Nation Public Safety Division has plans in place to deal with disasters and has been working with departments to make sure their plans are up to date. Please see the division’s Memorandum on Disaster Preparedness.

We acknowledge the resilience of the people of Maui and commend the efforts of all the responders and volunteers who are working tirelessly to provide aid and relief. You have our appreciation.

In unity,

The Puyallup Tribal Council