Puyallup Tribal Council endorses Bob Ferguson for governor

Puyallup Tribal Council endorses Bob Ferguson for governor

Originally posted: 09/20/2023

Vice Chair gives endorsement in person at fundraiser

PUYALLUP RESERVATION, Tacoma, Wash.—The Puyallup Tribal Council has endorsed Attorney General Bob Ferguson to be the next governor of Washington.

Vice Chairwoman Sylvia Miller delivered the endorsement at a fundraiser for Ferguson on Sept. 17.

“The Puyallup Tribe has made a unanimous decision that the right person to be governor of this state is Bob Ferguson,” she said. “When you see something in somebody that you feel is honest, true … who shares the values that you have, you have to get involved. I am proud to support Bob Ferguson.”

Tribal Council noted Ferguson’s history of supporting tribes and tribal issues, including:

  • Convening the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and People Task Force
  • Partnering with Rep. Debra Lekanoff to introduce and pass legislation to create the country’s first Missing Indigenous Person Alert
  • Opposing legislation that would have allowed online sports betting on college and high school campuses and dorm rooms
  • Supporting establishment of a truth and reconciliation tribal advisory committee to understand the operations and impact of Indian boarding schools
  • Supporting the legal challenge to the Tacoma LNG facility
  • Forming a legal coalition of federally recognized tribes and blocking the federal government’s proposed expedited sale of the National Archives facility in Seattle
  • Filing criminal charges against Electron Hydro and Chief Operating Officer Thom Fischer after the dumping of crumb rubber turf into the Puyallup River
  • Partnering with tribes to defend the Indian Child Welfare Act at the U.S. Supreme Court