Washington Court of Appeals Rules Against Tacoma on LNG Safety Records


After failing to disclose the existence of documents detailing the risks of fire, explosion, and toxic hazards at the proposed LNG plant, a private citizen led suit against the City of Tacoma. When two Pierce County Superior Court judges ruled the documents should be public, Puget Sound Energy (PSE) appealed. The Court of Appeals ruled against the City of Tacoma in November 2018, with the expectation that officials should be transparent with their citizens on what public records exist.

According to the Tacoma News Tribune:

“There’s a lot to untangle, but no matter where you stand on the project, this much is clear: For the well-being of their families and the economy, Tacomans need access to good information based on sound science. For officials to withhold it, whether overtly or silently, is an abdication of public trust.”