Update on Partial Operations Closure for Sunday, Aug. 18

Update regarding the Puyallup Tribe’s Eastside Tacoma shutdown:
On Thursday, Tribal Police received a report of suspicious behavior near the Tribal Administration Building on Portland Avenue. Based on a recommendation from Tribal Police and in light of recent violence in Eastside Tacoma, Tribal Council decided to close most operations located in Eastside Tacoma out of caution. As of Sunday morning:

  • On Sunday, visitors to the Elders Center are asked to bring IDs and check in with Security.
  • Operations not in Eastside Tacoma as well as essential services such as elder care have continued to operate as usual since Thursday.
  • Tribal Police stepped up patrols on the reservation beginning last week and have been working with other law enforcement.
  • All Tribal operations are to resume as normal Monday.