Tribal Members Sign Final Hotel Beam

Tribal Members Sign Final Hotel Beam
Tribal Council Chairman David Z. Bean signs the final beam for the new garage and hotel.

A beam-signing ceremony was held on Feb. 7 for the hotel garage under construction next to the new Emerald Queen Casino.

The beam is the last one scheduled, and will be installed on the building’s southwest corner on Feb. 10.

The hotel is scheduled to open this summer. The casino is set to open this spring.

“I want to thank every one of those hard working people who have been a part of this,” Tribal Council Vice Chairman Bill Sterud said during the ceremony. “Their skill, their toughness – they’ve created this thing for all of us. All we can do is say thank you.”

“This has been a dream of our tribe, our people, for over 20 years and we finally got here,” added Tribal Council member Sylvia Miller. “I’m so proud that they never gave up on us, that we’re being able to fulfill their dreams.”

Miller and Sterud said the hotel and casino are signs of the tribe’s economic development.

“We had nothing,” Miller said. “And for us to give back to the community and all of the jobs that it’s going to create – it’s a wonderful thing we’re doing here today.”

Council member James Rideout talked about the pride that TERO workers can take in the project.

“This is going to be a part of their legacy for their children,” he said. “This means the world to our people.”

Several tribal members joined Tribal Council members in signing the beam.

Some wrote their name and date. Others left personal messages. Here is a sampling:

“For our future generations! May this bring you all lots of joy and prosperity for years to come.” – Council member Tim Reynon

“Grateful for our ancestors. For future generations.” – Council member Annette Bryan

“Thank you to all before us. Bless those that come after us.” – Tribal member Chester Earl.

“7 generation ahead always. Know your history, where you come from and create a strong foundation for future generations. Keep our tribe strong,” – Tribal member Dayleann Hawks

Photos by Puyallup Tribal member Frank Griese