Tribal Council Endorsements for the November 2019 General Election

The Puyallup Tribal Council encourages all eligible residents to vote. Voting is how we choose our leaders, influence policy and let government officials know we’re paying attention. Failing to exercise this fundamental democratic right can have real consequences and cause real damage – as we’ve seen at a national level in the past three years.

A new ballot drop box installed by Pierce County at Tribal Council’s request makes voting even easier for people who live or work near the Tribal Administration building. Just drop off your ballot in the box, which is located in the parking lot at 3009 E. Portland Avenue (at the far end, away from the building). All residents are welcome to use it. To learn more about ballot drop boxes and voting centers, and for a map of other boxes, visit

Below are Tribal Council’s recommendations for several contests and measures on Pierce County’s Nov. 5, 2019, general election ballot.

State of Washington
Referendum Measure No. 88
The legislature passed Initiative Measure No. 1000 concerning affirmative action and remedying discrimination, and voters have filed a sufficient referendum petition on this act. Initiative 1000 would allow the state to remedy discrimination for certain groups and to implement affirmative action, without the use of quotas or preferential treatment (as defined), in public education, employment, and contracting.
Recommendation: APPROVE

Initiative Measure No. 976
Initiative Measure No. 976 concerns motor vehicle taxes and fees. This measure would repeal, reduce, or remove authority to impose certain vehicle taxes and fees; limit annual motor-vehicle-license fees to $30, except voter-approved charges; and base vehicle taxes on Kelley Blue Book value.
Recommendation: NO

Port of Tacoma Position No. 3
Deanna Keller
Frank Boykin
No Recommendation

Port of Tacoma Position No. 5
Kristin Ang
Dave Bryant
Recommendation: Kristin Ang

City of Tacoma Council-at-Large Position No. 7
Conor McCarthy
Courtney Love
No Recommendation

City of Tacoma Council-at-Large Position No. 8
Kristina Walker
John O’Loughlin
Recommendation: Kristina Walker

City of Tacoma Council – District No. 1
John Hines
Nathe Lawver
Recommendation: Nathe Lawver

City of Tacoma Council – District No. 3
David Combs
Keith Blocker
No Recommendation

Fife City Council – Position 1
Recommendation: Bryan Yambe (unopposed)

Fife City Council – Position 5
Recommendation: Kim Roscoe (unopposed)

University Place School District No. 83 Director – Position No. 3
Recommendation: Twina Nobles (unopposed)

Explanation of advisory votes
There also are a number of advisory votes on the ballot this year. An advisory vote is a non-binding question concerning whether to maintain or repeal a measure passed by the Legislature during the 2019 Washington State Legislative Session.

Maintain: A maintain vote supports advising the Legislature to maintain the measure. A vote to maintain will not actually maintain the measure, just advise the Legislature that you would support maintaining the measure in state law.

Repeal: A repeal vote supports advising the Legislature to repeal the measure. A vote to repeal will not actually repeal the measure, just advise the Legislature that you would support repeal of the measure from state law.