Tribal Administration implementing additional COVID-19 safety measures

Tribal Administration implementing additional COVID-19 safety measures

At Tribal Council’s direction, Tribal Administration is implementing additional safety measures to deal with the new wave of COVID-19. Starting Wednesday, all people who want to enter a government administration building must show a vaccination card. Below is a message sent to Tribal Administration employees:

Good day, Tribal employees.

The main Administration Building will reopen Wednesday, Aug. 4. However, all people must show a vaccination card before being allowed inside any government administration building. A copy or photo of the card is NOT sufficient.

This applies to everyone – employees, Members and visitors. It applies to all government administration buildings.

What you need to do if you are an employee, Tribal Member or visitor

If you ARE vaccinated:

  • On Wednesday, you must show proof of vaccination to enter any Administration building. Then you need to send a copy of your vaccination card to Human Resources ( or else you will have to show proof of vaccination every time you enter an Admin building. Employees who normally work outdoors or drive a Tribal vehicle must also provide proof of vaccination.

If you are NOT vaccinated:

  • You need to telework.
  • If you can’t telework, you can go on PAID leave for the rest of this week.
  • Starting Monday, Aug. 9, if you are not vaccinated (including if you have a medical exemption from the vaccination) and cannot telework, then you must submit a negative COVID-19 test every Monday to gain access to an Admin building each week. If you do not, you may be put on UNPAID leave until you show proof of vaccination or proof of a negative COVID test for the week. Employees who normally work outdoors or drive a Tribal vehicle must also provide proof of vaccination or proof of a negative COVID test.

There are a very few exceptions being made for such 24/7 departments as Public Safety. Administration is in contact with those departments.

If you have a medical exemption from vaccination, contact HR. You will still need to follow the rules for unvaccinated employees and send a weekly negative COVID-19 test.

This applies to ALL visitors as well as to employees

Staff should inform clients that the requirements apply to in-person appointments. This includes Membership.

We are in another COVID-19 wave

Dr. Shelton, the Tribe’s medical director, told Tribal Council again this morning that we are in a new wave of COVID-19. Several more positive cases among employees have been reported in the past two days. Numbers are rising in Pierce County as well. These are driving the additional safety efforts. Council is evaluating additional measures to protect public safety.

Masks required

Masks are required inside buildings even if you are vaccinated, unless you are alone and behind closed doors. We also want to limit in-person meetings. Go back to virtual meetings whenever possible. Contact IT if you need support.

Stay home if you are sick

The COVID-19 Delta variant comes with a variety of symptoms. Some are similar to seasonal allergies. Our policy is simple: Stay home if you are sick. If you feel sick at work, tell your director and leave the office.

Learn about COVID-19 symptoms from the CDC:


Again because of the increase in cases, the Intertribal Elders Luncheon scheduled for September is canceled. The August drive-through luncheon will continue.

Services must continue

Whether we are working inside Admin buildings or from home, we must keep services open to the Membership. We did so in 2020 and we will do it through this new wave.

Vaccinations available – and free to employees and family

All Tribal government employees and their households (ages 12 and up) are eligible to receive free vaccine shots at PTHA. Contact Human Resources ( or to schedule a vaccination.

Do you have questions about the vaccine?

The State Department of Health has answers:

-Tribal Administration