Take What You Need, Leave the Rest This Holiday Season

Submitted by the Sustainability Working Group

As the holidays approach, we reach for warm sweaters, electric blankets, and comfort food to get us through the dark days and cold weather. This Thanksgiving, try to reduce the wasted food that gets thrown away after your family dinner.

Food waste takes up more space in landfills than anything else. In 2010, Americans threw away $161 billion and 133 billion pounds worth of food. Wasted food also wastes water, energy and labor. You can help reduce food waste.

Reduce: Make a list before you go to the grocery store and get only what you need

Plan: Get to know serving sizes for your meals and make only what you will eat

Reuse: Eat leftovers. Get creative and don’t let your leftovers go to waste.

Let’s strive for a zero-waste Thanksgiving! In addition to reducing food waste, you can also:

Use Tupperware or other re-usable containers for leftovers. No Styrofoam! If you need single-use items, consider something compostable.

Don’t purchase items that are individually packaged to reduce waste.

Our ancestors harvested resources throughout time by taking only what they needed and leaving the rest. Let’s follow their teachings this Thanksgiving and every day.

Use these waste-reducing tips to save money and live sustainably.

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December 2019 Puyallup Tribal News file photo by Puyallup Tribal Member Jennifer Squally.