Take Precautions During Heat Wave

Tribal Administration advises all employees to take safety precautions during this heat wave.

Elders, young children, infants, people with chronic medical conditions and pregnant women are especially vulnerable to heat-related illness and death, according to the National Weather Service. See the service’s tips for staying safe in severe heat: https://www.weather.gov/safety/heat

Admin buildings will be open to employees and visitors with appointments. We encourage Elders 60 and older to work remotely or stay home. Employees who normally work outside should work inside if possible.

Check on loved ones who might need help. “Think about the Elders in your family,” Dr. Alan Shelton, the Tribe’s medical director, said Thursday. “If no one is checking in on them, they might be getting dehydrated or overheated.”

Please remember children and pets are not allowed at work. Please contact your director if you need to telework due to care issues.

The National Weather Service has extended Pierce County’s Excessive Heat Warning through 11 p.m. Tuesday. Pierce County Emergency Management has a list of cooling centers in the county: https://www.piercecountywa.gov/6226/Heat-Wave-Information

-Tribal Administration