TAKE ACTION: No LNG Outreach to Tacoma City Council — Email

TAKE ACTION: No LNG Outreach to Tacoma City Council — Email

We are trying to get 500 people to send a message to the City of Tacoma demanding that the City complete a new project impact statement (referred to as an SEIS) for the safety of our people, lands and waters. Here’s why:

COPY & PASTE text below (add a personal note if desired) into an email addressed to City council members (emails listed below):

Dear Tacoma City Council,

I am urging you to support the preparation of an SEIS by the City of Tacoma on PSE’s proposed LNG plant in the Tacoma Tideflats.

The limited SEIS prepared by the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency is dishonest and incomplete.

Trusted scientists across the region have rejected the SEIS as inaccurate, and misleading. The SEIS fails to address significant environmental impacts from material changes that have been made to the project since the original Final Environmental Impact Statement.

We urge you to conduct an SEIS that includes government-to-government consultation with the Puyallup Tribe of Indians.

I would appreciate hearing back from you regarding whether you agree with me or not.


(your name)

Email letter to Tacoma City Council: