Statement From Tribal Council: Court finds Electron Hydro LLC and COO liable under Clean Water Act

Council Statement Graphic

Originally published: 09/01/2023

Ever since we learned that Electron Hydro LLC had polluted the Puyallup River with artificial turf, we have fought to hold it accountable. Today a judge found both Electron Hydro and its chief operating officer, Thom Fischer, liable under the Clean Water Act for illegally discharging turf and other construction materials into the river.

We are pleased with the ruling. It’s another step to accountability. Now we look forward to determinations as to the penalties for this reckless, idiotic act that has caused so much damage. Despite the Tribe’s tireless efforts to remove toxic pollutants put into the river by this company, the pollutants are still in the water.

The fact remains that the rock dam installed by Electron after it could not continue the planned work creates conditions in the river that continue to kill salmon. The dam itself cannot be operated without killing salmon, so we will continue to fight to ensure operations will not resume. The health of our people and the residents of Washington, and of the entire river, are worth the fight.