Puyallup Youth Win the State Championships

Puyallup Youth Win the State Championships

Q&A With Ty Satiacum


On February 18, 2019, the Puyallup Tribal youths on Team Aggression swept the State Championships. Puyallup Tribal member, father and former wrestler Ty speaks on what wrestling means for these kids.

Can you describe the event?
It’s a big event and a state tournament for the youth wrestlers, and it’s the first leg of the Triple Crown for the state. It was at the Tacoma Dome, and completely sold out, so about 1,700 people were in attendance.

All your kids competed this year; how did they feel about competing?
They were excited. They’ve all been wrestling in this competition for a couple of years. Jaxson is a three-time champion. Ty Jr. took third last year, and fifth the year before. So, he was always just a couple of matches away, so to see him win this year was awesome. So, Ty, Jr. won state, Jackson won state, and my 5-year-old, Myles, was a first-year wrestler and he took third.

How did your kids get into wrestling?
I think it was my history with wrestling. I started so late, so I knew when I became a parent I wanted to get them started early. Ty, Jr. fell in love with it, and his brothers followed suit.

Who is Team Aggression?
The kids wrestle in Pierce County Junior Wrestling League (PCJWL), and they also wrestle for a select team, Team Aggression. And Team Aggression made it to state, and they travel nationally. At the end of February we were in Reno, and in the middle of March they’ll compete in Denver at the Rocky Mountain Nationals

Photos by Puyallup Tribal member Jennifer Squally.