Puyallup Tribe’s 2018 Employee Appreciation Day honors Tribal Legacy

September 13 Luncheon

The Puyallup Tribal administration and leadership honored the Tribe’s more than 600 administrative employees with a luncheon held on September 13 at the Emerald Queen Casino Event Tent.

The luncheon honored the longevity of employment service for those who have served under a year to those who have worked for the Tribe spanning more than four decades. The Tribe’s 63 administrative departments were represented, ranging from sheries, Chief Leschi Schools, public safety, healthcare, Tribal court, housing, and more.

Employees with more than 35 years of service received special recognition from Tribal leadership, who reflected on their own broad backgrounds of service outside of serving on the Tribal Council.

Chairman Bill Sterud and Councilmember Sylvia Miller were each recognized for serving more than 40 years. The Chairman has served in a range of services that has included water quality technician to Tribal planner, in addition to his multiple years of service as a councilmember and chairman.

“It’s been a blast. Time goes by so fast. I tried to figure out how many councilmembers I’ve worked with and it may be around 50. Fifty great people that I’ve served with, including these people,” Chairman Sterud said, embracing his fellow councilmembers. “We’re family. We’re always going to be family.”

“Every single job you do, I don’t care what it is, and how long you’ve been here — it’s very important to this Tribe. It’s very important to all of us. You make the name for us.”

“We’ve come so far. It’s because of the work that each and every one of you do. We wouldn’t be where we are without our employees. We’re here for you.”

“Each one of you, every day that you show up, and you come in, and you perform your duties, you service the membership, you help out your coworkers, you make an impact and you add value to the Puyallup Tribe of Indians.”

“What a beautiful sight to see — all of our relatives and our family. You all are our family. I hope as you continue to work here with us, you will feel that love. All of us up here feel a great deal of love for every single one of you. You help us do our job.”

“Whatever we do as leaders and as employees, and as a Tribe, is leaving
a legacy for our children. So, these things we do as Tribal Council, we take them very seriously. Because we know what’s at stake here. Our future, our generations and our children.”


“To some people, a job is just a job. But for us, we have this responsibility to take care of the community. …You know many of us were taught, when we go camping and we go to the water, leave the place better than how you found it. I thank you guys for leaving this place better than how you found it. We raise our hands to you.”