Puyallup Tribe Breaks Ground on Second Cannabis Store

Commencement Bay Cannabis Tacoma slated to open next spring

The Puyallup Tribe celebrated the groundbreaking of its second cannabis store — Commencement Bay Cannabis Tacoma — at its future location across the street from the newly expanded Emerald Queen Casino on Sept. 18. Puyallup Tribal Elder Connie McCloud offered an opening prayer and Puyallup Tribal member Clinton McCloud offered an opening song.

“There have been years put into this process. I want to thank particularly the people who work at our cannabis store in Fife,” said Chairman Bill Sterud.

Councilmember Sylvia Miller emphasized the magnitude of the Tribe’s continued economic success and how that translates into jobs for Tribal members.

“This is not just about money. This is about healing people. Giving them alternative medicine to take care of the pains these individuals have,” Miller said, addressing the Tribe’s cannabis team. “You guys do a wonderful job. Good jobs for Puyallup Tribal members. That’s really important that we can give jobs to our people.”

Tribal leadership, elders and others at the ceremony agreed that reacquiring Tribal land for future generations is always a priority.

The Tribe spent two years researching and acquiring a site that met the Tribal Trust and marketing requirements, and will be located at 1453 E. 30th St. in Tacoma. The Tribe’s cannabis team and leadership say the success of Commencement Bay Cannabis Fife has helped finance and launch the second store.

“It’s an opportunity to open a store in an emerging market,” said Will Manzanares, director of the Tribe’s retail operations. “The jobs and growth it offers is amazing. This is not work. This is fun.”

The Commencement Bay Fife retail location is operated by an estimated 40 employees who work in inventory, sales, security, and marketing, according to Olivia Sterud who helps train staff for the Tribe’s cannabis retail jobs.

The Fife store already offers a broad spectrum of cannabis products that are medicinal and recreational. View the store’s inventory at commencementbaycannabis.com.

Tribal Elder McCloud described the importance of cannabis, saying, “We always must remember to give thanks to this plant because it’s given its life and has given its life to become the medicine to help our people.” McCloud herself has used CBD cream to help her muscle aches following Canoe Journey.

Councilmembers James Rideout and Anna Bean also attended the ground- breaking, offering their thanks and praise to the cannabis staff leading the development.

“Any time the Puyallup Tribe can reacquire a property it’s a good day,” Councilmember Rideout said.

“I’m excited to watch us grow, pun intended. This is an exciting time for our people,” Councilmember Bean said.