Puyallup Tribal Culture Department’s Recent Events

Puyallup Tribal Culture Department’s Recent Events

Every year the Puyallup Tribal Culture Department holds a moccasin making class that starts in October and usually lasts about six weeks.

This year the moccasin class had a huge turnout, so it was extended until the end of November. The result: 110 new pairs of moccasins. 

“Our community sure put their best ‘Indigenous foot’ forward,” said Cultural Director Connie McCloud. “Most were making their first pair of moccasins.”

“I was also happy to see our students rock their mocs at local pow-wows and special events,” added Angie Totus, a cultural activities coordinator.

The Culture Department raises its hands up to Denise Reed (lead teacher), Victoria Horrell and Shirley LaPointe for their work on Rock Your Mocs.

A note of thanks

The Culture Department would like to say “thank you” to the Puyallup Tribe for the donation of the Buffalo hide. “We made many fine moccasins from the hides,” McCloud said.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

The Culture Department held its annual Christmas Ornament Making class at the Youth Center. It was the largest one yet. 

“We had almost one hundred participants,” said Cultural Director Connie McCloud. “They were able to weave cedar into ornaments, and make a drum or a rattle.”  

Tanya Markishtum taught weaving cedar Christmas balls, Denise Reed taught cedar Christmas bells and Angie Totus taught cedar reindeers. Meanwhile, Clinton McCloud taught drum making, Mike Hall taught cedar canoe rattles, and Joshua Jones taught cedar feather ornaments. 

Peggy McCloud and Teresa Harvey oversaw children activities, which included teddy bear button blankets, pine cone Christmas trees, candy cane reindeers, ornament decorating and much more.