Puyallup Leaders Native American Lobby Day

Puyallup Leaders Native American Lobby Day

On April 2, 2019, members and leaders from tribes throughout the state visited the Capitol in Olympia to campaign for Native rights, recognition and respect.

“I’m proud of fight for the preservation of life.”

Councilmember James Rideout

“I’ve been here and one day your grandchildren will be here, continuing on the work.”

Elder Ramona Bennett

Councilmember James Rideout and Earth Sovereign Feather.


“I’m here to get one point across; I want to have the governor hear me and listen to me. … There still hasn’t been any action. I want him to hear me today, and I want him to hear you today.”

Chairman Bill Sterud

“Here we are demanding that our Indigenous rights are honored and that our treaty rights are honored.”

Councilmember Annette Bryan

Councilmembers Rideout and Bryan, Chairman Sterud and Elder Ramona Bennett are honored on Native American Lobby Day.