Omicron cases continue decline, Tribal Admin will move to Modified Phase 4 effective March 1

Omicron cases continue decline, Tribal Admin will move to Modified Phase 4 effective March 1

Dear Tribal community,

Positive COVID-19 Omicron variant cases have declined significantly at PTHA and in Pierce County. On the advice of Medical Director Dr. Shelton, effective March 1:

  1. Tribal Administration is moving to Modified Phase 4. 
  2. Chief Leschi Schools students are starting to return to school. Check the website or contact the school for more information.
  3. The House of Respect is still closed to the public.

 Please see the graphic above for requirements. Here are some key points about Modified Phase 4:

  • Employees are required to work on-site unless they have an approved telework agreement. Employees can request the telework paper work through Human Resources. Approval of any telework agreement requires supervisor approval and will be based on department need. 
  • No vaccination requirement to enter buildings, but visitors must sign in.
  • Events are allowed with Tribal Council approval.
  • Masking is still required, and it is highly encouraged to continue to frequently wash hands and stay home if you are sick.
  • Weekly testing still is required for unvaccinated employees. Employees with COVID-19 symptoms must a take a PCR test, not a rapid test. PCR test results are available within a few days and rapid test results are available within 10    minutes.
  •  Visitors are recommended to touch base with the department or program they seek to visit. Appointments may be needed. To find program and department contact information, visit the Tribe’s directory.
  • Departments are allowed to conduct trainings and events with the approval of Tribal Council.
  • Virtual trainings and meetings are available to all employees but only vaccinated employees are allowed to travel.

Elder Services may have different reopening plans than the Tribe as we continue to meet and exceed community standards for protecting Elders living in an assisted living community. Elder Services will be sending out their COVID reopening plan later this week.  

If you haven’t been vaccinated: Remember Tribal Employee and Members s are eligible for a $500 incentive.

If you are vaccinated and medically able, make sure to receive your booster. Eligibility information can be found on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention through this link. Dr. Shelton has told the COVID-19 Response Team that your chances of getting infected and very sick are much less with a booster.

THANK YOU to everyone in the community who has gotten vaccinated, masked up and followed other safety measures. You are protecting our community.

Our COVID-19 Response Team meets every week, and we will continue to give you regular updates.

haʔɫ kʷ(i) adsəslabcəbut.
Watch over yourselves well.

-Tribal Administration