Notice to Members of Marine View Ventures Sublease Opportunity


TO: Puyallup Tribal members

AND TO: Cooperative associations of Puyallup Tribal members

            Article IX, Section 3 of the Puyallup Tribal Constitution provides that Puyallup Tribal members and cooperative associations of Puyallup Tribal members shall be given preference in the leasing of Tribal lands.

This is to provide notice that Marine View Ventures, Inc., the Tribe’s wholly-owned economic development corporation, intends to sublease certain Tribal land to a third party operator.   The property is approximately 41.10 acres located at 4408 78th Ave E, Fife, Washington and approximately 66.53 acres located at 3105 Frank Albert Rd E, Fife, Washington.  The purpose of the proposed sublease would be the construction and operation of approximately 2,148,467 square feet of Class A industrial facilities to accommodate distribution, manufacturing, and other related uses.

If you want to submit a competing bid to sublease the property pursuant to your rights under Article IX, Section 3 of the Tribal Constitution, you should contact:

Marine View Ventures, Inc.

Attention: Chad Wright

1409 Alexander Avenue E

Fife, WA 98424

(253) 203-0050

Marine View Ventures has available a description of the lands to be subleased and the purpose and scope of the proposed sublease for your consideration as you consider whether to submit a competing bid.  The deadline for submission of bids is Wednesday July 22, 2020.