Lushootseed Creation History Night

Lushootseed Creation History Night

The Puyallup Tribal Language Program would like to invite you and the Tribal community to attend readings of our Lushootseed Creation History Nights – pə(d)dukʷibəɫ! We have completed 9 weeks so far, and will be doing a full recap on Wednesday, March 30. We will continue an additional 9 weeks and complete our series on May 25th. On March 30th, we highly encourage you to have your camera on and dress up, wear your regalia, cedar hats, big auntie earrings, etc. We want to see all of your faces!

It’s not too late to register or to catch up. We’d like our entire community to be a part of this historic retelling of our origin story. This online series is not open to the general public, but is open to Tribal members, other Tribes, employees of Tribal entities and relatives of Tribal members. This is a perfect opportunity for you as a community member to get involved in a safe space online.

Each week on Wednesday, we have new Lushootseed speaking host read our story several times in Lushootseed and in English. We reach out intertribally and have community members open us up in prayer and song. We are normally set up in Webinar form so we don’t get to see or hear you, outside of the chat feature. So you can just sit back with your family, listen, learn and relax!

What: Lushootseed Creation History Night

Who: Puyallup Tribal Community (Tribal members, Tribal employees, Tribal relatives), Natives in the Puget Sound region

When: Every Wednesday night

– Promptly starting at 6-7 p.m.

– March 30th – May 25th

Where: Online – Virtual Registration Required