Let’s Work Together to Stop Human Trafficking

Let’s Work Together to Stop Human Trafficking

Submitted by Carolyn DeFord, Trafficking Project Coordinator/MMIP Advocate

January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month. In recognition of this important month, the Puyallup Tribe Domestic Violence Advocacy Program, Children of the River Child Advocacy Center, and partners at Cowlitz Pathways to Healing, Operations for Prostitution Survivors, Innovations HTC, Mother Nation, Washington Trafficking Prevention, and Cedar Rising Coalition joined together for several events.

One of the events #WearBlueDay, was held on Jan. 11 to raise awareness about issue.

Did you know?
• An estimated 300,000 children are at risk of sexual exploitation annually in the United States.
• The average age of a child lured into sex trafficking is 13.
• The average price of a girl is $400 per hour.
• Human trafficking is the fastest growing and second largest criminal enterprise the world and generates an estimated $34 billion dollars a year worldwide.
• This is preventable!

What can you do?
Human trafficking is a global crisis we need to be talking about, but don’t always know where to begin. In order to talk about it, we need to know what it is, and what we can do about it. We can each make a difference no matter what we do or who we are. Here are three ways you can make a difference:

  1. Education is power
    Learn about how trafficking happens, what it looks like, and share your knowledge with friends, coworkers and family. Contact the Puyallup Tribe Community Domestic Violence Advocacy Program at 253-680-5499 for more information or to schedule a training.
  2. Report human trafficking – see something say something
    If you believe someone is a victim of human trafficking, report suspicious activity to the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-373-7888 or 911 if someone is immediate danger. Never approach the situation.
  3. Support anti-trafficking efforts in your community
    Attend trainings, participate in awareness events, join fundraisers or volunteer.