Indian Health Service director blanketed, tours PTHA

Indian Health Service director blanketed, tours PTHA

By Puyallup Tribal News staff

Puyallup Tribal Health Authority welcomed Indian Health Service Director Roselyn Tso and Indian Health Service Chief of Staff Carmen Clelland for a special visit on Jan. 17.

PTHA Director David Tonemah introduced Director Tso to employees gathered at Spirit House that morning. Tso was there to further a conversation on PTHA’s amazing residency program and the importance of recruiting talented and caring doctors, especially Native doctors, into the program.

Puyallup Tribal Councilmembers Annette Bryan and Anna Bean also made an appearance during which they presented Director Tso with a blanket on behalf of the Puyallup Tribe and PTHA.

“When I look at this program and your facility today, I can see you are always pushing to be the best, and that is what self-determination is about: we know what to do for our people and our community; our tribes know best,” said Director Tso, speaking of the 638 Self-Determination Act that formed the basis for Puyallup Tribal Health Authority.

Tso spoke about the importance of bringing funding into Native communities and healthcare facilities to address the continuing Fentanyl crisis. She also reiterated the importance of PTHA’s residency program and our part in fostering continued interest in all healthcare professions among Native people, especially our youth.