From Tribal Administration: Our Elders and Coronavirus

From Tribal Administration: Our Elders and Coronavirus

The health and safety of our Tribal community is of the highest importance. Tribal Council and Tribal Administration continue to monitor the outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus) and to take calm, sensible precautions under the guidance of public health authorities.

We’d like to clarify several actions taken to protect one of our most vulnerable populations – our Elders. First, The House of Respect Residence has placed restrictions on who can visit Elders. Until April 2, there will be no visitors entering the community. If you have a question, please feel free to contact Russ Hanscom, RN, MHA at 253-302-9523.

Next, our dedicated staff have been strongly encouraging Elders in the Residence to remain at home. This self-quarantine is completely voluntary and meant to protect our Elders’ safety. If an Elder does decide to leave the community, appropriate screening will be conducted upon their return.

The House of Respect community lunch program will continue by providing take-out sack lunches until April 2.

Tribal Administration also has canceled gatherings through the end of the month. This includes prayer circles, cultural activities, community dinners and the Elders luncheon scheduled for March 20. Administration also is working with Elders employed at the Tribe on alternative working conditions, and overall is discouraging large meetings.

All of these actions are out of caution and recognition that COVID-19 puts Elders at a greater risk than most of the population. We protect our people.

We anticipate these actions lasting through the end of the month, but we will keep monitoring and adjusting as needed.