Former Sound Credit Union Building Closed for Deep Cleaning

Former Sound Credit Union Building Closed for Deep Cleaning

Dear Tribal Community,

A Tribal employee has a household member who is awaiting COVID-19 test results. While there was minimal chance of exposure to other employees, Tribal Administration wants to be cautious and move forward as though the employee tested positive as well.

As a precaution, the former Sound Credit Union building (2806 E. Portland Ave., Tacoma), which houses Children’s Services, Set Aside and Housing, was closed today to visitors and employees for deep cleaning. It is expected to reopen Wednesday morning.

Tribal building access remains limited

Reminder: Tribal Administration buildings continue to remain partially closed as a proactive measure to slow the spread of COVID-19. Most employees are still working from home to provide services to the Membership. Members and others who need access to admin buildings must schedule appointments.

As always, Tribal Members are encouraged to use the Tribal Directory if they are in need of services. The directory is published each month in the newspaper and is online at

Stay well. Stay safe.

-Puyallup Tribal Administration