First Fish Ceremony Welcomes Back the Spring Salmon

First Fish Ceremony Welcomes Back the Spring Salmon

Photos and story by Puyallup Tribal News Staff

The Puyallup Tribe celebrated its annual First Fish Ceremony on Saturday, May 22.

Even though many stayed in their cars due to COVID-19 safety precautions, that didn’t stop the annual celebration from taking place. Many members shared about the trauma they have experienced as Native people and the devastation it had on our people and our culture.

During the event you could witness the healing and revitalization of our people through prayer, songs, dancing, drumming and rattling, even at times a few horns were honked in unison. It was and is always a good day to be Native to be able to stand together in unity and be proud to continue to practice our traditions. In doing so, we can pass the teaching onto to our youth, so that their children can witness their own First Fish ceremony.

Watching the ceremony grow to this magnitude over the years holds promise that our culture will keep alive.