Enrollment Department Spotlight

Enrollment Department Spotlight
By Puyallup Tribal News Staff
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One of the most essential departments at the Puyallup Tribe of Indians is the Enrollment Department. Located in the main administration building, the Enrollment office is where Puyallup Tribal members can obtain Tribal identification cards, fishing cards and other important documentation. This vital department also provides work badges for employees and keeps records of all members who have been enrolled into the Puyallup Tribe, including the original rolls from 1929. Here are a few things you may need to know about their services.
New Enrollees …
  • Must be a child of a Puyallup Tribal member (DNA results are required for children born to a Puyallup Tribal father.)
  • Must provide a state certified birth certificate for Enrollment to keep for their records (NO COPIES.)
  • Must provide a copy of their social security card.
  • Complete an enrollment application.
  • Must submit application by the first year of birth or risk being denied enrollment.
All new enrollment applications must go through the approval process with the Enrollment committee. Applications are due the first Friday of each month to be reviewed the following Wednesday at the Enrollment committee meeting.
Membership Services:

Tribal Identification Card

  • First card is free of charge.
  • Lost or stolen cards require a $5 replacement fee.
  • Expired cards on hand are free of charge.
  • It expires every five years.

Fishing Card

  • Must be 16 years of age to obtain a fishing card.
  • First card is free of charge.
  • Lost or stolen cards require a $50 replacement fee.
  • Each year, new tags are required for the fishing card (free of charge.)
  • Fishers Helper Card: Available to spouses or other individuals
  • who are Tribal, to help elders (Applications available at the Fish Commission; free of charge.)

Enhanced Tribal Identification Card (ETC)

  • First card is free of charge.
  • Lost or stolen cards require a $20 fee for minors and $50 for adults.
  • Expires every eight years.
  • Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI): ETC’s may be used to travel by land and sea to cross the Mexican, Canadian, Caribbean and Bermudian borders.

Kinship Report

Family Tree Report

Certificate of Indian Blood

  • Useful to receive healthcare at Puyallup Tribal Health Authority or other Indian Health Service locations
  • Useful for school records
The Enrollment office is open and available for service Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Any questions can be sent to Enrollment via email: Enrollment@PuyallupTribe-nsn.gov or calls will be accepted at (253) 573-7849. The Enrollment code is available to review on the Puyallup Tribe’s website.