Culture Department Hosts Canoe Awakening

Culture Department Hosts Canoe Awakening

Photos and story by Puyallup Tribal News Staff

On Sunday, May 16, the Culture Department held a Canoe Awakening Ceremony. The community gathered for good medicine and blessings.

Members sang while other brushed cedar on the canoe. Witnesses were called and wrapped in blankets, and asked to say a few words on what they witnessed that day.


After a few songs, the canoe headed down to the water. People took turns paddling around the sea on a beautiful sunny Sunday.

If you haven’t had a chance to get out on the water, do it! To take a seat where the ancestors once traveled is quite a powerful experience—gliding the paddle across the same sea and embracing the journey.

More Sunday canoe practices are scheduled in June and July, and are open to the tribal community. See the flier below.