COVID-19 Update: Tribal Admin Will Remain in Phase 2

COVID-19 Update: Tribal Admin Will Remain in Phase 2

Thursday’s announcement by Gov. Jay Inslee about the upcoming statewide shift to Phase 3 next week and the planned June 30 reopening for Washington state is exciting.

However, there are still a lot of unknowns. While Administration and Council consider guidance from other governments, we need to do what is right for our community. Administration will meet with Dr. Alan Shelton, the Tribe’s medical director, next week to discuss masks in the workplace and whether our reopening plan should change.

At this time, we will REMAIN in Phase 2. We will keep you updated on further changes.

Phase 2 highlights

• Visitors (all the people who aren’t employees) may enter Tribal Administration buildings ONLY IF they have appointments.

• Temperature checks and sign-ins are required to enter any Admin building.

• Once inside, employees and visitors must follow health and safety protocols, including wearing masks.

• Events may take place indoors but must be limited to 50 percent capacity. See the reopening plan summary for other safety protocols.

• Employees will still be encouraged to telework as much as possible. Only 50 percent of any department’s employees may be on-site at any one time if they work in a building.

• Employee training is limited to virtual only.

Medical experts say vaccination is the fastest way that we’ll end the pandemic and return to normal. Puyallup Tribal Health Authority now offers all three vaccines.

haʔɫ kʷ(i) adsəslabcəbut. Watch over yourselves well.

-Tribal Administration