Change in Chief Leschi Schools leadership

Council Statement Graphic

Effective immediately, Tribal Council has appointed Don Brummett as interim superintendent of Chief Leschi Schools for the rest of the 2023-24 school year. Former Superintendent Marc Brouillet’s last day was today, Feb. 26.

Don has served as the school’s director of instructional technology since 2018. Don has a master’s degree in educational leadership and administration, as well as principal and superintendent credentials from Washington State University. Prior to his joining Chief Leschi, Don worked as principal and school administrator for 12 years in the Spokane Public School system.

While Don leads the school, a national search will be conducted for the next regular superintendent. Please check the school website for additional communication and updates.

Our focus is and always will be on providing the best education possible for our children. We thank Marc for his service but have decided our students will benefit from this change in direction.

—Puyallup Tribal Council