CFS Director Jody Brooks Announces Retirement

CFS Director Jody Brooks Announces Retirement

haʔł sləx̌il

To All of My Puyallup Friends and Family,

It has been the honor of my lifetime to be able to serve you as the Director of the Community Family Services Program for the past 30 years. Retiring has not been a decision that I have come by lightly.

However, due to some health issues, I feel that it is the right time for me to take a step back to focus on getting well and spending more time with my family and extended family. The time I have spent working at the Puyallup Tribe has been the most rewarding work I have ever done and I will truly miss it. I honestly never anticipated ever leaving but I know that I’m leaving Community Family Services in good hands. It’s hard for me to find the appropriate words to express my gratitude towards the Puyallup Tribal Council, past and present, and to the many families and Tribal

Members who have passed through my doors. I want to thank my staff for all their hard work and dedication. I will see all of you out in the community, I’m not going far! You will always hold a special place in my heart and I wish you all the best in the future.

haʔł kʷ(i) adsəslabcəbut