AskCouncil Q &A: 11/12/2020

During the Nov. 7 virtual Membership meeting about per capita, GWE applications and the use of CARES funding, Tribal Council asked for any further questions to be sent to Below are questions and answers from the emails sent (note questions are edited and sometimes paraphrased for spelling, grammar and space, and to protect privacy).

The Per Capita Department will have a dedicated email just for GWE applications:

Q: If we become the adopted parents by the beginning of next year. Will we have to continue to submit the adoption court order every year?
A: Once a child is adopted and they have the court paperwork and birth certificate with the changes reflecting the court order, turned in to the Per Capita Department, all they have to do each year is turn in the birth certificate with the application. Any additional changes would need to be reported to the Department.

Q: I have a Tribal Minor with a non-Puyallup tribal member. The child’s mother and I are still together. None of us have custody over one another or would want to do anything of that matter. I would like the checks in Mom’s name as she pays all the bills directly and does all important matters for our family. She has our child’s Tribal ID, birth certificate, etc. Is that an option? Am I able to fill anything out or add her?
A: If the Minor has only one Tribal member parent, the Tribal member parent must submit application, unless a Puyallup Tribal Court order specifies otherwise.  In this specific instance, the check will be in the Tribal member parent’s name.

Q: Why was pre-K not included in (the COVID educational stipend) assistance? Chief Leschi Schools requires them to be online all day, just like all other grades.
A: Children of preschool age are not required to attend preschool. The older students are, and Council wanted to make sure their needs are met.

Q: Will the election outcome be majority rules or what option you pick, you get?
A: It will be by majority vote, and the option chosen will apply to everyone. The Elections Board is supervising the election.

Q: When will the new hotel be open? Will Tribal members get a discount, and if so, how much?
A: Those decisions will be announced later.