A message from Tribal Council

A message from Tribal Council

To our fellow Tribal Members, employees and all who share our lands,

The safety of all people in our community is our top priority. We appreciate every person who works for peace and safety.

Several of us on Council visited our Commencement Bay Cannabis stores on Sunday. The employees who work there show up and provide outstanding service. They are remarkable people and part of our family. Their safety and our customers’ safety is of great importance to us.

Every time we decide to open a new cannabis store, security is a top priority. We cannot openly discuss our plans and put our employees’ safety at further risk – but the measures are in place from the first day of every store’s operation. We continuously review our safety plans and make adjustments. Our paramount concern is the safety of everyone, at all entities, at all times.

To our employees at CBC and at all of the Tribe’s entities and administration: We applaud your professionalism. We care about each and every one of you. Thank you for what you do every day.

It hurts our hearts to see violence in our community. Our most heartfelt condolences to the family, friends and co-workers of the nearby cannabis store employee who was slain Saturday.

We all have to work together to protect one another. It will continue to be this Council’s goal to promote health and safety in our community.

haʔɫ kʷ(i) adsəslabcəbut. Watch over yourselves well.

With gratitude,

Your Puyallup Tribal Council