2023 Giving Hope Gala


The 2023 Giving Hope Gala is the first annual fundraiser to raise awareness and funds for the Salish Cancer Center’s Patient Financial Assistance Fund (PFAF).

To effectively fight cancer, many patients often find themselves in financial distress. Due to out of pocket expenses relating to specialist appointments, labs and testing, imaging scans, medications, treatments and the transportation required to get the care they need. This can get so overwhelming that patients will opt to not seek the care or necessary life saving treatments needed to win the battle.

Our goal with this ongoing endeavor, is to utilize this annual event to infuse the PFAF with funds that will assist in relieving the financial burden of the patient allowing for the best possible care. This will be the first community ask for partnership and support. We know that with your contributions, we can offer a greater level of assistance to the patients who need it most. Please consider one of these sponsorship opportunities and join us in this effort to offer greater relief to our patients.

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