Miller, Bean, Dillon sworn in to Puyallup Tribal Council following re-elections

Swearing-in photos

By Hailey Palmer, Puyallup Tribal News

Puyallup Tribal Council members Sylvia Miller, Anna Bean and Fred Dillon were sworn in to begin new three-year terms on Thursday, June 6, at Emerald Queen Casino Tacoma. All three were re-elected in the Puyallup Tribal Council General Election.

The ceremony began with a prayer and blessing from Heritage Division Manager Connie McCloud before drummers, singers and dancers blessed the floor.

Tribal Council selected Chairman Bill Sterud and Vice Chairwoman Miller to continue in their roles as officers.

Here are excerpts from each Tribal Council member’s remarks during the ceremony:

Vice Chairwoman Sylvia Miller
“I don’t think I ever thought I would be standing here and now after 21, going on 22 years, it’s amazing to have the opportunity to do this. It’s literally an honor, a pleasure, and to be able to help individuals, not only our Tribal members, but people of the community and everything else, it really is something of a pleasure to be here. To be able to watch this Tribe grow, to watch each and every one of you bring back something to this Tribe is amazing. It’s amazing to our culture. I don’t think there’s anything I’m more proud of than the Puyallup Tribe and our accomplishments. Each and every one of us should be proud of that. … It’s amazing what this Tribe does for its people and I hope that I can be a part of (continuing) that.”

Anna Bean
“Thank you for each and every single one of you that have taught me things along the way. I don’t know everything and I’m proud to say when I’m wrong. … Thank you guys here for teaching me the lessons and explaining to me the details and levels of services we provide. Thank you to each one of you who work for our entities. You are what keeps the Puyallup Tribe going, it is not just the seven who sit up here. It is inclusive of all of us. I don’t do this alone.”

Fred Dillon
“Thank you, membership, you guys are seeing something in us and seeing something in me to allow us to continue to lead you guys like this. I raise my hands to this Council that I work with. The stuff that we’ve accomplished in the three years I’ve been at this table is truly amazing. We are moving things, making things happen. Things we’ve talked about ever since I was a little kid. Just to be a part of that is truly amazing.”

Chairman Bill Sterud
“There’s been a lot of people that ran for these three seats. All good people, all good ideas, all great ideas. I know they tried hard. We’re still here, we’re still working together, and I hope they still work together. We’re a small Tribe in the South Puget Sound. We need everybody on board to help us move forward. That’s what I’m hoping happens out of this.”

Annette Bryan
“There’s just not words that can explain the actions, the feelings, the thoughts, the decisions, the hours, the comforting, the sacrifices and the honors that we go through on a daily basis. I just want to say congratulations. It’s an honor to serve with these folks, it’s an honor to serve the membership.”

Monica Miller
“It’s a pleasure to sit at the table and work with these guys every day. … It’s hard work. We all have decisions, we have a hard job here. Thank you to all the employees, workers and entities. We get to make the decisions on everything for all the entities and departments, but you guys do the work. My hands go up to all of you guys. Like Sylvia said, you have made us where we are today. We will keep moving forward. … Congratulations to Sylvia, Anna and Fred.”

James Rideout
“Congratulations to the candidates of 2024. I didn’t really see a lot of change that was going to happen because I know how hard we work to look out for the best interest of the Tribe. We’ve done a lot in areas of the Tribe that hasn’t been done … but we have more work to do. I hope we can fulfill the expectation and the need. … What you do is you put the pedal to the metal, you go to work every day and you make the unrealistic things come to reality. I’ve seen it the last three years and it’s amazing where we’re at today.”